About us

About Us 

We are a dynamic team of young researchers, driven by a passion for delivering results. Our group brings together a diverse range of expertise from various disciplines to create innovative solutions. 
Config Nepal Private Limited provides professional services in custom software development, GIS consulting, and digital transformation. We work directly with SMEs, regional, and national companies using a client-centric approach to create creative solutions that improve operations and spur growth. Our skilled team of experts brings a lot of knowledge to the table to guarantee end-to-end solutions suited to the particular requirements of each customer. Config Nepal aims to shape this transformative path with you as we see a future where technology and strategic direction combine to unleash previously unimaginable potential.

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Our mission is to help businesses succeed in the digital age by providing innovative solutions that meet their specific needs. 


Our vision at Config Nepal is to be the leading ICT company in Nepal, helping businesses of all sizes navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals in the modern world.